Growth Promoters

Super Poshak

Super combi is an effective organic insecticide and accaricide known to protect the plants from heliothis, caterpillers, spodoptera, diamondback moth, mites, scales, thrips, aphids and jassids. It is specially formulated with alkaloids which are derived from botanical sources. The mode of action of super combi is on contact with the targeted pest, it disrupts the structure and permeability of the insects cell membranes and the insects quickly dies. The pack contains 100grms free of powder for the growth of plants.

Recommended Crops: cotton, chilly, vegetables, pulses, floriculture and horticultural crops.

Dosage: mix 1.0ml of super combi with 1gram free powder in one ltr of water and spray on crop.

Target Pets: spodoptera, helicoverpa armigera, leafminer, diamondback moth, mites, scales, jassids, thrips and all sucking and chewing insects.